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The first solution that targets the CAUSE of elbow pain due to epicondylitis – shock waves from impact in the hand!

Palm City, FL (Oct, 2011) – TendonEase, LLCSM has announced that it will soon be marketing the first device that stops Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow pain at its source. Shock Blocker™ is a comfortable ring worn on the finger to absorb damaging shock created by impact in the hand while dampening the shock wave that causes pain in affected tendons in the forearm and elbow. Shock Blocker™ is made of Sorbothane®, the world’s most advanced cushioning and shock absorbing material with a 97.4% shock absorption rate.

This breakthrough product is welcome news for the over 10 million Americans who suffer from Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow (epicondylitis) and related disorders like Tendonitis, Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs), and Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs). These conditions are often caused or aggravated by equipment-gripping sports like tennis, golf, racquetball and weight lifting, as well as tool use, gardening, machinery operation, and similar activities.

In addition to eliminating/relieving elbow pain and preventing further injury and future recurrence, Shock Blocker™ allows the injured elbow to heal even while continuing to play or work! Shock Blocker™ is an innovative and superior solution to Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow and similar conditions that will change the way Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow devices are judged and purchased…making all other products outdated and inferior!

“My own tennis elbow pain and working with pro-level players led to my re-evaluation and eventual rejection of accepted beliefs concerning the treatment of Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow,” says Shock Blocker™ inventor, Dr. Mark Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg, an accomplished Sports Medicine Specialist who has treated athletes for over 20 years, discovered that a memory stable material could facilitate Tendon Tension Reduction (TTR) and result in reduced conduction of damaging shockwaves to the point of pain – the elbow. He recommends Shock Blocker™ be worn whenever participating in a sport or performing an activity associated with the elbow pain of epicondylitis. In independent nationwide testing, Shock Blocker™ was remarkably effective for 99% of participants.

Shock Blocker™ will be marketed through both the sports and medical marketplaces and priced at $34.65 (MSRP) to be competitive with traditional products that mask, rather than solve, Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow problems. Shock Blocker’s™ performance is 100 percent guaranteed by TendonEase, LLCSM.

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