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  • First device that prevents and helps heal Tennis/Golfer's Elbow while you continue to play or work
  • Verified by independent consumer testing
  • Made of Sorbothane® – Best-rated material with 97.4% shock absorption
  • Comfortable finger ring won't impact your grip
  • Easy to use and maintain; No straps, sleeves or braces
  • Developed by a leading Sports MD
  • Conditions treated: Tennis/Golfer's Elbow (epicondylitis), Tendonitis, Repetitive Stress Injuries, similar disorders
  • US Patent Pending
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Only Shock Blocker™ offers you all these superior benefits:

  • Eliminates/relieves pain from Tennis/Golfer's Elbow (epicondylitis), Tendonitis, Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs), and Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)!
  • Prevents further injury and future recurrence!
  • Allows the injured elbow to heal even while continuing to play or work!


  • Shock Blocker™ is a comfortable ring worn on your finger to absorb damaging shock created by impact in the hand and reduce vibration that causes pain in affected tendons
  • Made from a pliable, space-age material with a 97.4% shock absorption rate
  • Memory stable material facilitates tendon tension reduction (TTR) which results in reduced conduction of damaging shockwaves to the point of pain – the elbow
  • Doesn’t need constant adjusting like straps, sleeves or braces


Constructed from Sorbothane®, the world’s most advanced cushioning and shock absorbing material with a 97.4% shock absorption rate. Sorbothane® has been licensed for use by major sports equipment manufacturers, the U.S. Military, NASA, leading art museums, etc. 
Computer-assisted ring design and quality manufacturing ensures proper fit and effective performance


Tennis/Golfer's Elbow (epicondylitis), Tendonitis, Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs), and Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs), often caused/aggravated by tennis-golf-racquetball-baseball-softball, weight lifting, gardening, tool usage, machinery operation and similar activities



Shock Blocker™ should be worn whenever you participate in a sport or perform an activity associated with elbow pain.

How To Use

Where to Wear Shock Blocker™

Determining which finger* to wear Shock Blocker™: Lay affected arm on a table, palm up. While touching painful area of inner or outer elbow with one hand, move each finger up and down. Wear Shock Blocker™ on each finger that triggers increased elbow pain. If pain is present at the inner and outer elbow, repeat process for the other side of the elbow.

*In most cases, one Shock Blocker™ will work effectively, but some users may require additional devices.

How to Wear Shock Blocker™

Slip the Shock Blocker™ ring onto your affected finger (or fingers) with the rounded smooth part touching the skin between your fingers.

The ring should allow some degree of rotation without affecting its function. If the skin beneath the Shock Blocker™ becomes irritated with use, athletic adhesive tape can be cut and loosely placed around the finger prior to using the Shock Blocker™. If the device is too loose, more tape can be added or a smaller Shock Blocker™ unit may be used.

When to Wear Additional Rings

If you are considered very physically strong, wear two Shock Blockers™ on the same finger with the second device placed so that the flat part of the second Shock Blocker™ presses against the flat part of the first Shock Blocker™. This will prevent breakage of the device with aggressive use.

If you wear Shock Blockers™ on adjacent fingers, wear just one Shock Blocker™ on each finger for maximum comfort as the pliable rings will interweave. Note that the device will work effectively even if it is worn at an angle.


After use, you can rinse the ring with cool tap water and air dry. It can also be gently washed with mild soap, rinsed thoroughly, and air dried.


When not in use, do not leave your Shock Blocker™ exposed to extreme heat (e.g., inside a hot automobile), or cold, since this may cause the unit to split, crack or lose resiliency. The Shock Blocker™ should be kept dry when not in use.


Place your Shock Blocker™ in the supplied storage bag and keep it with your sporting goods or work gear so that it is always available and ready for action.


If not 100% satisfied with its performance, mail your Shock Blocker™ to the address below for a full refund:

TendonEase, LLCSM
1738 SW Foxpoint Trail
Palm City, FL 34990

Be sure to include your name and return address.

The Shock Blocker™ has been designed to alleviate elbow pain caused by Tennis or Golfer’s elbow and it should be used in accordance with the instructions inside the Shock Blocker™ packaging. The information contained in these instructions should not be construed as medical advice. There are many other causes of elbow pain that will not improve and may worsen with continued activity even when using this product. If any local discomfort, swelling or redness occurs on the hand with use of the Shock Blocker™, its use should be discontinued and you should seek the advice of a medical professional.  In no event shall TendonEase, LLCSM or any of its members, employees, affiliates, agents or representatives be liable for any loss, liability or damage incurred, directly or indirectly, by any person, from the use or misuse of Shock Blocker™. The liability of the foregoing persons shall be limited solely to the price paid by the customer for the Shock Blocker™ or to the replacement of the product.